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Thought I'd ask if anyone on the peninsula has been considering or is interested in doing Crossfit.

A new gym opened recently in San Mateo and i'll be joining either next week or the end of the month depending on my schedule. Initally you join the foundations program (12 classes with a 1 instructor to 3 client ratio) to get up to speed since the intensity level is much great than most are used to training at. Afterward you're free to join any of the regular group sessions. If you've already worked out at another location im sure you can just jump into the group sessions right away.

Yesterday I had the time to stop in during a session and the lead trainers are friendly and more than happy to give you a feel for what to expect, let you watch a typical workout, etc. If you're not as familiar and want to check it out in advance I highly recommend stopping in or giving them a call (doesn't hurt to mention I referred you).

That said, if anyone wants to come check it out or join up with me I can likely arrange a discount of some sort. Just shoot me an email or pm. Again, ill probably join for the foundations sessions starting either next Monday or on Aug 31st depending on my schedule.

More info/ great reviews on them here
CrossFit San Mateo - San Mateo, CA

Lastly there has been plenty of discussion on what Crossfit is in this thread started a while ago if you're curious...
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