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Alright, so my 6cubic foot humidor is out of control. cant keep a consistent temp or humidity and I piss with it at LEAST once a day every day for the past 1.5mo.

ive run up to 6 boveda packs at a time the 75% ones and it swings from 74% to 67% and from 68-72* every day checking my multiple digital temp and hygrometers so they are NOT faulty giving me problems.

My setup is almost empty (relative) and there are no air leaks in the mahogany so clearly it is the house that is the problem swingingly wildly w temps and humidity as the whole house humidifier is running non stop and i have some other humidifiers running on different floors trying to get it about 30% in the house as im turning into a cracker here.

I just want a simple small 100ct plug in the wall system that I DONT NEED TO add beads or wet paper towels into that will hold a steady temp of 70% if its 50* or 90* in my house and has electronic humidity control.

I know people have made there own wine-adors but I want a simple gaurenteed turn key system to limp me along until summer when I can start using my bigger one again.

No budget but im not spending 700$ on something tiny that ill only use for 4months
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