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I will post most of the busas and two of my most meaningfull builds...(all work done myslef except for the the machining and some engine work....this is just a few of bikes..I will make another page of all the ex race bikes and the ducs...including my collection of a few wsbk ex race bikes.

also not pictured is my big turbo busa. will be almost 700 whp by next year
the first bike I built back in the day after I crashed it bad. (have a plate in my head and a plate for a nose cause of it)

kws 637cc 14.5:1 engine with titanium rods, graves kit stator, oilpump,
JE two ring pistons...falicon super crank. and much more.
billet mag engine cover (only one in the world)
billet mag swingarm (only one in the world)
billet mag triple tree (only one in the world)
ohlins shock with ti shock (not pictured)
ak gas charged forks from a wss bike (chris peris's old bike)
carrozzeria wheels (bst for the track)
galfer rotor.
carbon and stock mix of body work.
carbon airbox.
carbon ramair tubes.
ti bolts everwhere.
has brembo billet radial calipers now (not pictured)
full ti akrapovic exhaust
pc3 andall the other bs

next is the zx10r I built originally as a big stick bike (speak softly but carry a big stick)
carpenter built 15:1 comp 1078 cc motor with some trick parts that makes 193-197whp (depends on fuel)
ohlins 30mm gas cartridges in the front
ohlins shock with ti spring in the back
ap racing full ti monoblock with ti pistons
carbon bodywork
full carbon bst wheels
carbon airbox and carbon ramair
motec m4 controller
full titanium factory team spec akraponic exhaust
and much much more..
does over 200 at the texas NA vehicle at the texas mile.

my first busa.
1463 cc kws engine 220ish whp (forgot)

I call this sleep walker....stock looking
muzzy big block. low comp and nitrous engine. 277rwph

just got this...
will be a muzzy big block 14:1 comp 1720cc bigger stick bike

and this is my mancave, i work on all my stuff here....that split window is mine. that 69 maro is my dads. my home away from home at the ranch. keeps me sane.

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How the hell do you put 700 whp into a motorcycle and live?
its not that hard. even my 110lb wife rides it around sometimes.
just gota be aware of the boost creeping up.

I think the nitrous bike is harder to control....if you look at the will see how it spikes up....gota be hella aware with all of yoru weight on top of the tank.

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Nice bikes you got there !!! I had a 02 R1 kinda resembled that R6 you got there .. Was gonna add some of same goodies before it got stolen .
Those are fun to mod...change the carbs...some high comp pistons, superbike crank...and they run...
stock engine handles some nitrous also...all the r1s after have been weak
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