An all-electric  McLaren  P1 could arrive by 2020 and won’t actually be a successor to the current exotic.

Previous rumors hinted that an all-electric vehicle would be the successor to the current  McLaren P1 , but now it is believed that the model will actually be offered alongside the P1. That means the all-electric  McLaren P1  variant will join the brand’s Ultimate Series and sit below the standard model with a lower price tag.
Despite using an all-electric powertrain, the new model will actually be faster than the 675LT and it could even be the first road-ready, electric production car that surpasses the 200-mph top speed barrier.
This also means that a successor to the  McLaren P1  might not arrive anytime soon. Speaking to  Auto Express , a McLaren insider said that the British automaker “will not make a P1.5” and that it will wait “for another step in technology.”
And since McLaren owners tend to want to take their cars out on the track, the company is aiming for 30 minutes of track time out of its all-electric  McLaren P1 with a 30-minute break before it can head out again.

[Source:  Auto Express ]