Maserati will launch an all-electric version of its Alfieri sportscar in 2020, Autocar reports.

The Italian automaker previously made it clear it would put a conventional gasoline Alfieri into production, but just this week confirmed the impending arrival of the all-electric version.

The Alfieri was first shown in concept form at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The concept packed a V8 engine under its hood, however the production version will likely be powered by a twin-turbocharged V6 due to increasingly strict emissions and fuel economy standards.

The Alfieri’s chassis will be the first from Maserati engineered to house either an electric or internal combustion engine. The cost and complexity of trying to pack a platform designed for a conventional powertrain with batteries makes it easier and more affordable for automakers to engineer it from the ground-up to handle both. It goes without saying we can expect more electric and Maserati hybrid models to arrive on the same platform at a later date.

When Maserati debuted the Alfieri Concept, it said we should expect to see the production version sometime in 2016. The car was then delayed until 2018 before the automaker came out this week to say we’ll see the gas version of the two-door 2+2 in 2019 followed by the electric version a year later in 2020. Here’s to hoping Maserati can stick to the development schedule this time...