*Affordable fun** G-Shock GA100 1a1

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So I am on a new kick for some affordable and fun watches to add to the collection.

First off:

G-Shocks 50mm case entry the G100 1a1

Great fit and feel and all for 99 bucks!

released: 2010
height: 55.0 mm (lug to lug)
width: 51.2 mm
diameter: 169 mm (dial excluding crown/bezel)
weight: 70 grams
WR rating: 200 meters
nickname: DARK KNIGHT
battery life: 2 years on CR1220
alarm: 5 independent daily alarms 4 one-time alarms and 1 snooze alarm
stopwatch: 1 per 1000-second stopwatch

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Have it, Love it!!!
Nice Mr 305, really love it.
yea dude g-shocks rock i only wear g-shock!
Nice piece
looks really nice!
what other gshocks would you'll recommend for a watch "noob"?
The vintage ones are the best but hard to come by. This new GA version with the 50Mm face is awesome.
looks really nice!
what other gshocks would you'll recommend for a watch "noob"?
Here's the one I comes in more manly colors though. It's a 50mm. G-Shock Men's Watches G-Shock Youth Culture DW-6900CB-8DR - WW
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Nicely done.

Just ordered mine this weekend. Can't wait!
where did you find that bad boy for $99?

sweet watch
THey are all over at that price! Just Google the GA100- 1a1
Been itching for a new daily beater. I think you found it for me. Thanks!
G-shocks are one of the bests outdoor watches money can buy I think.

I have one lying around in German, haven worn it for many years, I'll need to check on it when I get home :)
I'm torn on Ana-Digi G-Shocks.

My heart belongs with MudMans, Frogmans, and Gulfmans.

Although the new Go-Green models have grabbed my attention.

Great watch non the less! I love all G-Shocks and will have all.... eventually :lol:
Loving it guys, just sported it to Vegas for my daily at SEMA. Check out my special delivery from Cavallino in a thread about the new TW Steel 129.
Have the GA100 in white with the red hands. Love it!! You are rught great watch for $99.
I actually just ordered this watch last week, along with the GW7900B-1.
Rockin mine on the East Coast now. Just showed up today. Thanks Tim!

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