advice! wheel situation. ! help !

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so i found out bent my stock front right wheel beyond repair. I already have bridgestone RE-11 tires (brand new, got them before i knew i bent my wheel) at my shop.

Options are:

1. Buy 1 oem wheel from porsche, price is appx $2050! and use the RE-11's. Or is anyone selling a stock 19??

2. Get CCW's in 18s and order new tires, sell the RE-11's. But I wanted to use a tire that would last longer the MPSC. I could order R888, i hear they last longer...but I really dont need an R-comp tire for my daily driving. If I do get the 18s what tire options do I have... MPSC and Pirelli are 2 expensive and disappear quick (mine are about gone close to 3k miles). So I know there is the R888, the NT01 comes in 315/30/18 but wouldnt I need a 315/35/18 or would that work? Any other options? They dont make the RE-11s wide enough in that leaves me w/ the R888s as my only option

3. Order 19s, maybe forgeline and use the RE-11's...they have some nice looking wheels (thinking if i bend a 3 piece wheel then i can always send it to company to be fixed, right? cause it would prob just be the barrel. or bbs, gmg etc. Cars been costing me alot trying not to spend too much. And figure i could sell my stock wheels, im sure people will be bending theirs or for whatever other reason i could sell them and re-coup some money.

Any input would be greatly appreciated...and PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU SEE STOCK WHEELS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU SEE STOCK WHEELS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ccw center locks. im getting them soon. and they are much better for the track . im selling my gt2 wheels cause i like how my ccw 18inch look better than the stock wheels
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