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Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, its been rumored that international pop group One Direction may be breaking up. This is common among not just boy bands but all bands. People grow apart and no matter how badly you want them to continue to work together, sometimes it’s just best for them to go their separate ways. I mean look at Justin Timberlake, as soon as he left N*Sync he stopped bleaching his hair and started making out with Mila Kunis on screen. I call that a win. Anyways…Lucky for you a group that will never break up is the perfect pairing of ADV.1 Wheels and Range Rover vehicles.

Built by Tag Motorsports based in San Diego in sunny Southern California, this Range Rover Sport features a set of our newest style wheels. The all new ADV10R Track Function Competition Series features a mid concave directional 10 spoke design in a 3 piece Track Function configuration. This SUV is the second in the world to feature a 24 inch step lip and that’s what makes them beautiful (you probably didn’t catch that 1D reference, its ok). Developed by ADV.1 Wheels the 24 inch step lip is sure to be a game changer for The Wheel Industry and when paired with our new Track Function CS configuration it’s an amazing looking “entry level” ADV.1 price point wheel.

Wheel Specs:
ADV10R Track Function CS
50 / 50 Exposed Hardware
Finish Disc: Liquid Smoke
Finish Lip: Polished / Gloss Black
24×10.5 | 24×10.5

Photos by Grubbs Photography

See more here:
ADV.1 Wheels Media Gallery | Range Rover Sport ADV10RTFCS - Liquid Smoke, Polished / Gloss Black

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