ADV.1's CLS63 REPLACEMENT...2015 S63: B4 SHOTS + After Teasers : )

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Yup - traded in the CLS63 for this 2015 S63...I must admit, as much as I LOVED the CLS, it just got shitted on.
Much more to come obviously, but for now - here are some OEM Spec shots showing the brand newness, but before that you get some teaser shots of set #001 of #397879349834...

ADV15 CS Series Track Spec
22x9.5 / 22x11.0
Brushed center w/ polished trimmings + polished lips

Special thanks to Renntech for the last minute ECU tune - damn! What a difference, night and day guys - well played : )
and of course to Dynamic Turbo for the 4x4 delete...Different car, amazing work as always!

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OEM Spec + Interior shots

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Absolutely perfect choice of wheels.
Wow. Beautiful car, perfect interior
Awesome car and glad to hear you are enjoying the extra power from the RENNtech tune.
That's a beautiful car! I mean really, that's a piece of art.

No words.

class. beauty. perfection.
Would love to hear some feedback Re: CLS63 Vs S63.

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