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If your bedroom has a floral print bedspread and more decorative throw pillows than you know what to do with, is it really your bedroom? You need a place you can truly call your own, a man cave. A place with everything you like in it and nothing you don’t, especially pointless throw pillows. The classic man cave usually features a mini fridge filled with only the best craft beers, a big screen tv, and some sports memorabilia… but for car guys it looks a little something like this.

This C63 has been given some upgrades from our friends at RENNtech including a set of custom forged ADV.1 Designed Renntech10.2 Monolite SL wheels.

Wheel Specs:
Renntech10.2 Monolite SL
Finish Disc: Titanium
20×8.5 | 20×10

Photos by William Stern

The only thing its missing is the center piece to any true car guy’s man cave. An ADV.1 Wheel Coffee Table.

For details and pricing on ADV.1 Wheel Coffee Tables email [email protected].

See more here:
ADV.1 Wheels Media Gallery | Mercedes C63 Renntech10.2 Super Light MV1 SL - Titanium

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