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Wall-of-Text but worth the read for those interested...Enjoy.

Since early 2010 we’ve worked closely with our partners in Germany, ATT-Tec along with TUV Austria on obtaining certification as a TUV compliant wheel manufacturer. This certification process pertains not to the individual wheels produced, but to the companies production management system, quality control process, order tracking and history database, materials used, engineering compliance, etc. This is the first part of becoming a certified TUV manufacturer which was complete as of 2013. Since then we’ve been developing our FEA Engineering and testing process as to learn how to efficiently engineer all of our wheels, not only those which are for use throughout Europe, around the strict TUV strength parameters which far exceed any other testing requirements for any automotive wheel to abide by. Our goal was to find an efficient way to produce wheels which exceed the TUV test / strength parameters, while at the same time maintain their lightweight, performance oriented ride characteristics.

Finding a happy medium between these parameters is not easy being that TUV’s testing requirements are far more strict than any other test parameters, requiring a much stronger wheel than any other testing requirements must abide by not only for impact resistance but longevity over an extended period of time. Normally, throughout Europe cast wheels are primarily the only aftermarket wheels available with TUV Certification which are heavy, standardized mold production style wheels. We’ve dedicated years to developing the worlds first and only truly made to order, TUV Compliant forged wheel for the European market. This means, finally the European market has an alternative to the off the shelf cast wheels which lack performance, style and individuality. For the first time in history, a US wheel manufacturer has developed a TUV compliant forged multi piece wheel which abides by all regulations and can be ordered specifically to each individuals personal preference of wheel style, size, finish, and options. Delivered within 3-6 weeks for any pre-existing TUV tested / certified wheel orders or within 6-10 weeks for any new engineered wheel order which requires TUV testing.

In order for our TUV Certified wheel program to include such a wide range of vehicles, sizes, and style options we’ve developed a testing process along with TUV Austria which allows us to produce and test orders on an individual basis as orders are placed. This allows us to offer certified and tested wheels in hundreds of combinations of PCD’s, ET’s, diameters, applications, etc. by producing orders specific to their individual parameters as the orders are received.

1. Order is placed through one of our wholesale / retail outlets in Germany / Austria (authorized dealer list located on contact page).
2. Purchase order is then submitted to our main office in Miami for processing and production input.
3. If order requires testing (new file not yet produced for TUV Testing) there will be a total of x6 wheels manufactured, 2 front + 2 rear for the ordered set / 1 front + 1 rear for TUV testing.
4. Once machined, the 4 wheels which will eventually be delivered to the end user are sent through finishing, while at the same time the additional 2 test wheels are sent to TUV Austria for testing.
5. Testing parameters are already known and the engineered wheels are compliant to TUV’s test parameters meaning the test wheels are pre-tested via FEA software to ensure there are no failures.
6. The TUV testing process is complete within 14 business days which in most cases is before the completed / finished wheels are ready to ship.
7. Once the finished wheels are complete they are shipped to ATT-Tec / ADV.1 Germany where the sets individual Teile Gutachten is ready and waiting for delivery with the completed wheel order.
8. At this time, the wheels are delivered with the Teile Gutachten included, all within a lead time of 4-8 weeks on average.
9. Some applications, wheel styles, finishes will always be available for immediate delivery with Teile Gutachten already complete. This pertains to most popular applications which are tested / certified as we will often produce more than one set at a time as to provide immediate delivery of any orders placed for the same exact set of wheels. Contact us for details on these readily available wheel orders as this selection changes as we progress.

Although we offer literally hundreds of different wheel style & confuration combinations, the TUV program is somewhat standardized as to offer a custom, made to order wheel with a substantial amount of options to choose from while at the same time, maintain an efficient testing / certification process that allows us to deliver orders within a reasonable time frame. Over time, lead times will be faster and faster as we complete more and more testing certifications and begin to process orders which do not require additional testing. In order to do so, we’ve developed a “standardized” style / size and option selection for any TUV Certified sets being produced. All other ADV.1 styles, options and sizes are always available however for those requiring TUV testing & a Teile Gutachten certificate, additional fees will apply (contact us for details / options).

Our TUV PROGRAM consists of the following wheel options & key features listed below:

Configuration / Construction:
M.V2 Forging configuration: ADV.1’s revolutionary new M.V2 forging configuration, developed in 2012 and released at the 2012 SEMA Convention, the M.V2 is the worlds first and only forged aluminum 2 piece monoblock wheel. This provides the quality, durability and ride quality of a 1 piece forged monoblock with the versatility of a 3 piece wheel. The M.V2 Forging uses a 6061-T6 Heat treated forged aluminum “Mono-Center” outer assembled to a forged aluminum, TUV compliant lightweight inner barrel. The combination allows for multiple profiles from flat to deep concave. The TUV program is based on this forging primarily because of it’s high strength, versatile sizing capability and it’s amazing aesthetic appeal which makes the M.V2 our highest selling product offering since it’s official release in January 2013. The M.V2 forging is available in diameters 18.0” – 22.0” and in 1/2” incremental widths from 5.0-15.0 inches.

CS Series configuration option:
Our newly released CS Series option is ADV.1’s most technologically advanced, flagship series option available. The CS Series is our first and only wheel option which undergoes our FEA Simulated testing & Engineering process. This process is performed on a per order basis which is intended to provide vehicle specific load and strength parameters which takes into account all factors pertaining to the specific vehicle in question as well as the specific use the customer intends to use the wheels for, i.e. drag racing, street use, road racing, etc.

The primary reason for this engineering intensive process is to provide our customers with the lightest and strongest possible wheel, in the sizing, offset and vehicles load parameters available on the market today, period. Weights can be as low as 16lbs. in some cases depending on the size of the wheel and the vehicles load rating, in any case the wheel is as light as it can possibly be for any individual vehicle in any selected style and size. Aside from this and because of this, the M.V2 CS Series option is the obvious choice for our TUV program. Strength, versatility, TUV compliance and amazing aesthetic detail and overall appearance, all for the first time ever in a TUV certified wheel option for the European market.

Exposed or blind assembly hardware
Front mount valve stem location for easy access
OEM TPMS compatible for all applications
Easy, inexpensive repair in the event of a scratched or damaged wheel
Aggressive concave profile applicable to most vehicles
Extremely high strength and lightweight
100% TUV compliant parameters

Wheel Styles:

Finishes: M.V2 Outer
Brushed aluminum w/ gloss clear
Brushed Gunmetal
Gloss Gunmetal
Matte black
Gloss black
Polished aluminum w/ gloss clear
Matte bronze
Gloss bronze
Gloss silver
Gloss Manbronze

Finishes: M.V2 Inner
Gloss Gunmetal
Matte black
Gloss black
Matte bronze
Gloss bronze
Gloss silver

Hardware options:
Standard exposed through bolt / chrome
Standard exposed through bolt / gloss or matter black
Stainless closed end nut / uncoated
Titanium closed end nut w/ ADV.1 logo

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