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To some, when taking a look at the Porsche Panamera they see nothing more than a luxurious grocery getter that takes the occasional trip to Starbucks for a non-fat mocha whateveryoucallit. Not to us and certainly not through the lens of Patrick of QuickWorks Photo’s camera. The guys over at Wheels Boutique know a thing or two about Panameras. They’ve equipped this Panamera Turbo with ADV5.0 wheels that feature a custom flat black face while the rest of the wheel sports a gloss black finish. Subtle details like that really make the car, the evidence is in the images.

Wheel Specs:
ADV5.0 M.V1
Finish: Matte Black Face | Gloss Black Windows
Lip Finish: Gloss Black
22x10.5 | 22x12

See more here:
ADV.1 Gallery | Porsche Panamera Turbo ADV5.01MV1
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