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DKNY Watches was founded in the year 1894. Donna Karan was the founder of DKNY watches in the country New York. The brand is specialised in making watches for both men and women. The brand not only deals in watches but it is a huge venture like- DKNY Jeans, Kids, Juniors, Pure, Men and more. The brand has also its hands in luxury accessories and in manufacturing fragrances. The headquarters of DKNY is located at 550th Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

Intelligent Crafting Unveiled :

NY4405 is a beautiful creation from the house of DKNY watches. The splendorous white watch will completely take your heart away. The white colour steals the show with the dazzling white bezel. The silicon strap makes the watch more durable and lite weight to carry for the wearer. This mineral glass watch with the casing of 30mm has a water resistance capacity of upto 200 meters. The watch comes with a warranty card of 2 years. The price of the watch is kept very minimal so that every fashion enthusiast can buy it without pinching it too high to their pockets. It is a perfect watch for the women who loves to flaunt the colour, white.

DKNY NY4405.jpg

Saluting the Unconventional Gesture of Women :

A dynamic black stainless steel watch from the brand. This NY8428 watch has a casing of 23 mm making it a small dial watch. This watch is for the women who love small dial watch. The brown bezel adds a splendid touch to the watch that makes it beautifully compliment with the black stainless steel strap. The quartz movement watch has an oval case shape. The watch has been power-packed with the features of an alarm clock making it in demand for the women who always wants to be on time everywhere.


A Glorifying Look of Achievements :

The Chrono Lady NY8080 is a beautiful golden chronograph watch. The mother of pearl dial goes very well with the golden bezel making it more eye pleasing for the eyes to watch. The bezel is embossed with white coloured stones to give the timepiece a dazzling look. The watch possesses a water resistant capacity of 50 meters making it safer to go inside water by wearing this watch. This alluring watch can go with formal as well as any traditional outfit. Buy this watch to embrace your hand with a touch of luxury as well as fashion to flaunt around in the crowd. The brand name DKNY has been engraved in the dial of the timepiece.


Glittering Appeal of your Party Wear :

This stainless steel analogue NY4786 watch has a glassing of high-quality mineral glass. The silver bezel is covered with white studded stones adding a touch of glamour to it. The quartz watch silver dial comes with the casing of 25mm. The name of the brand ‘DKNY’ has been engraved on the dial. This watch can off with formal as well as casual wear. It is a perfect watch for a lady who carries her personality with a sheer bold attitude.

DKNY NY4786.jpg

A Complementing Touch to your Casual Appeal :

If you are a fashion lover and love to wear a funky and stylish watch, you could go for this NY8333 timepiece. The golden bezel adds a vintage look to the fashion. The purplish leather strap reflects your colourful personality. The price is so averagely kept so that people can buy it without a high pinch in their pockets.

DKNY Analog Watch NY8333.jpg
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