Added an Exhaust, Now Sounds Like a Jet

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We had the opportunity to install one of these Quicksilver Exhaust systems on a new Aston Martin Vantage today. This blacked out luxury machine needed some more noise. Quicksilver Exhausts based in the UK has this incredible sounding stainless steel muffler for the Vantage. The install is a direct bolt on in replace of the OEM muffler. Once installed, the car has a stronger race tone to it like the machine should have come from the factory. Vivid Racing is an authorized dealer of Quicksilver exhaust systems. Read more on the Aston Martin Vantage Quicksilver Exhaust Here. If you are interested in a Quicksilver Exhaust, please contact us.

All pictures are located in our customer gallery here – Fred's Aston Martin Vantage - Vivid Racing Gallery

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Quicksilver makes them for RSC so here is one -
YouTube - Aston Martin Vantage with RSC Tuning Exhaust
The sound clip hyperlinked here is for the RSC 'Sports' Exhaust + 200 Cell Catalysts.
I have updated my post. Please remove yours.
Here is an RSC exhaust for sound comparison -
YouTube - Aston Martin Vantage with RSC Tuning Exhaust
Just an FYI

that sound clip is our Sport sound level with high flow cats.. Probably a much different sound in person than the QS
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