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Dear Members,

After months of testing we are proud to announce the release of our X5M and X6M performance software. This upgrade is available at our Flash Station Dealers as well as locally and via sending the ECU in to us here in Miami,FL. Introductory pricing is also available through our dealers and through us

Dealers listed in Red have the ability to upload software on site.

Active Autowerke | Dealers

Retail - $1500

-A BMW first, an M SUV. The BMW X5M & X6M have quickly grown to be a favorite among BMW enthusiasts looking for a new thrill. The new 4.4L Twin Turbo Engine Boast an amazing 555 HP from the factory with an amazing 450+ ft lbs of torque to match. Our engineers have spent countless hours in R&D and are now producing an additional 86 peak RWHP and an additional 117 ft lbs of peak torque (when compared to factory). Our software upgrades includes a complete remap of the DME which adjust the part throttle maps, wideopen maps, ignition maps, and fuel tables to produce this increase in horsepower and torque. All factory safety parameters have been left in place resulting in reliable everyday performance. This upgrade is a must for the enthusiast looking to take advantage of their X5M/X6M's true potential.

-Increase of 86 Rear Wheel Horsepower and 117 Ft lbs of peak torque
-Higher torque over factory settings through RPM range
-Re-calibrated settings for a smoother and more responsive part throttle transition
-Ability to tune all DME's
-Top speed limiter removed
-Tune available for 91 or 93 octane fuel.
-Tune also available for Euro Spec & Other International Octane Ratings

Dyno Chart -

Log Chart Showing Power Comparison Through RPM Range

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