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Hey Guys,

Wanted to share a recent install with you guys. Install was done by Turner Motorsports in Massachusetts.

Our E46 M3 GTS8550 Level 1.5 system was installed, the level 1.5 system is essentially a level 1 system with a level 2 intercooler. The level 1.5 benefits from a larger more efficient intercooler, which provides better cooling and will allow the vehicle to perform better under endurance like conditions. This also makes the transition to level 2 a bit easier as you will already be one step closer.

level 1.5 is rated at ~440 rwhp depending on exhaust and cooling upgrades.

Special thanks to Marco @ Turner.

More pictures can also be found on our Flickr page: Turner Motorsport E46 M3 GTS8550 Install - a set on Flickr, there are a total of 45 detailed images of the install.


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