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Join the NJ Chapter Audi Club and the Motorsports Rehabilitation Foundation for the 2nd Annual Twilight High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Event on Saturday, September 7th, 2013.

The event is open to all levels of experience and all makes and models.

The event will take place on the newly paved and widened North Course.

Students and Solo Drivers $199

Instructors Run Free!

After the great success from last year's Twilight event, we had no choice but to do it again! Last year was the first Twilight event ever to be held at Pocono Raceway with over 100 drivers attending, this year's event will only be better!

Twilight runs and operates similarly to any other High Performance Driver Education event however, Twilight takes place during the day into the night. We will have approximately 12 site lights set up to illuminate the corners of the turns. Allowing drivers to experience high performance driving as though they were at the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Daytona.

Twilight also offers drivers the opportunity to experience new challenges in HPDE driving. Students will learn how to adjust their vision for night time driving and learn new key tools such as not "over driving" the headlights and the importance of creating new night time "reference" marks. The Twilight schedule will give each run group a progression into darkness where the exciting new challenges will become more apparent as the daylight becomes fainter.

For more information please visit:
ACNA-NJ and MRF Twilight 9/7/13

Or to register go to:
Audi Club NA - NJ Chapter > Upcoming Events -



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