A8 on COSTUM MADE 22''

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Heey All :)

This is my A8 on 22s custom made for the car


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looks smooth .. what kind wheels are they ?
Thnx :)

Its costum wheels i made the design
Nice! I reall like that A8! The new one looks boring!

Sweet wheels!

why boring looks so good thinking of one
Well borring maybe the wrong term.

I think it looks way to similar to the A4/A6....The just made it a little longer....Just not so distinctive......

I can't wait for the S8 though........
Yes caind of both

NOW YOU ARE TALKING !! waiting so bad for the S8
Nice ride you got there :)
:) thanks man
down with this A8, and the grill
That looks great, nice taste in rims:)
:) Thanks man
can't imagine why i have not seen this post before... Love that A8, color combination makes it stand out, but in a very subtle way!
:) Thanks man , glad you like it
love the a8 and nice rims i think they fit great on the car maybe just lower the car alittle
^^ thanks , the AIR BAG is enough
since when is there a 3.2L audi A8?
Since 2006
since when is there a 3.2L audi A8?
U.S. doesn't get the same engines as the rest of the world...
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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