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Hey guys,
There's a forthcoming cover story about this in a certain magazine, but in the meantime I wanted to give a teaser...

As some of you may be aware, we have been building 3.9L GT3 motors for a couple years (I believe we have built 10 now total including our two cars, and two for international customers), and for a fun spin on an article we brought the three most famous of these cars to a shoot. What's 3 x 3.9? Well it's 11.7 of course... which means nothing really, but between these three GT3s is about 1470 HP and 18 flat cylinders of high revving, naturally aspirated fury.

You may know this trio as "Kermit" (997 GT3RS), "NO PSM" (996 GT3), and "Snowboarder's 997 GT3" -- aka, our long term pal / test driver / customer, who posts his updates here from time to time on his adventures in burning through more Pilot Sport Cups than any other human alive. Our two cars have been pretty well documented (here for Kermit, here for the 996 GT3). The common ground on these cars is they all have our 3.9L GT3 engine build including larger pistons and liners, custom camshafts, higher compression, EVOMSit tuning, and of course Shark Werks Exhausts, among other tweaks.

Each of the cars is a bit unique in its usage and design philosophy. Kermit's the most flashy, drives in pure street car trim with our street exhaust, and even has a noselift kit for getting in and out of tricky driveways.

Then Snowboarder's 997 GT3 is driven year-round (50,070 miles on his odometer), with 12,700 miles on his 3.9L engine alone. He drives the car harder than anyone I've met, and on the best roads the country has to offer.

The odd duck here is our 996 GT3 with a full weld-in roll cage, blue HRE R40 wheels, minimal weight where possible, 996 GT3 buckets, and of course no traction control. This makes for a wild ride compared to the others.

For this article we invaded a small section of a de-commissioned military base, dodging rusty buildings and darting down alleys near bomb shelters to find ideal photo spots. The 996 GT3's Track Exhaust could probably be heard from one end of the base, I think some leftover soldiers may have mistaken us for a pack German tanks.

And just since I mentioned it, here's an old video of the track exhaust from another day, at another runway:

A nice shot of Snowboarder's HRE C93 Competition wheels:

And alongside the 18-inch HRE R40 of "NO PSM":

And a few more photos showing what we do:

It was a really amazing weekend (my ride was the white GT3 for this round ;)) and when the time comes closer I'll post more about the magazine. For now I wanted to share a glimpse.

Again thanks go out to eShaun for his fantastic camera work!

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Always amazing to see the work coming from the Sharkwerks team. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Mogulaire event.
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