A taste of the new ADV.1 Underground video series...

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Full trailer release 9.6.10

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MORE!!! Let the masses see it.... the full video is NUTS!!!
I have to say... stunning video.
Wish there was more.
Jesus, it starts out like a trailer for a new Batman movie with that music. Now the big question is, what is Bruce Wayne driving? Vette, CLS, or the GTR?

Lovin it guys.

so does l4p get the full video a day early?
Trust me, I have seen the Final word= FUCKINBANANASSICKNESS!
who shot the video?.. looks badass!
Thanks guys, trust me this is literally just a tiny little piece of the full EPICNESS. The video is a work of art by Wagenworks, huge thanks to these guys for creating this insanity. Much more to come! We're planning a full quarterly ADV.1 Series covering all the latest from our little company :bow1:
Now that was cool! I am excited to see the final product!
More where's the real deal insane kid !
Coming verrry soon!
New launch with ADV.1 vid on the home page. Sorry.
MOAR MOAR MOAR! hahah video looks incredible. Nice work thus far!
Incredible. It seems like there are lot of videos that are absolutely stunning being released recently.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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