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Guys we just received our first set of 2 Piece Porsche Specific Titanium Lugs Bolts from Ti Industries. We have a 5 sets in stock for immediate delivery.

- Grade 5 AeroSpace Grade Titanium(Ti6Al4V), OEM fitment bolts.
- Lighter that the Stock Steel Bolts
- 2 Piece Ball Seat Lug with Anti Wheel marring spacer
- Made in the USA
- Will fit all OEM wheels, HRE and most afftermarket wheels that retain the OEM lug bolts
- Also Available for:OEM Ferrari,OEM BMW,OEM MBZ, 12x1.5 and 14x1.5 Conical Seats.
- A set of titanium bolts do save about 700 grams total (1.5 lbs) of unsprung weight.


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saves 1.5 pounds per corner? is that on every Porsche? Hmmmmm...this is pretty cool!
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