This is one of the few cars on the planet that could make the wicked McLaren 650S jealous. Meet the Gemballa GT, a new supercar inspired by the aforementioned 650S.

‘Form follows function’ was the mantra Gemballa followed when building this beast. The aerodynamic components are fitted perfectly, equating to more downforce and improved cornering speeds, not to mention sick styling. To achieve this performance upgrade, Gemballa reworked the flanks and the rear of the McLaren and replaced production components with aerodynamically optimised lightweight ones.
Gemballa’s body parts are all tagged with the ‘Made in Germany’ mark, ensuring the high-strength and ultra-light carbon-fibre materials are the best you’ll find.

But let’s be serious, you’re probably interested in the performance numbers. After optimizing the McLaren’s engine power and performance, the Gemballa delivers 670 HP / 493 kW and generates a maximum torque of 728 Nm on the crankshaft.

The converted Gemballa GT will go for €33,900.00.