For those who will only accept the finest of liquors to grace their lips, here’s a list that you’ll only need to check once - the second look might just cause heart palpitations.

1. Cognac

Costing anywhere between $8,000-20,000, this pristine cognac uses a 1988 decanter as its vessel.

Cognac Expert

2. Cristal Champagne

Ring in the New Year with this phenomenal bottle of bubbly - only $10,750!


3. Glenfiddich Whisky

One shot of this 50-year old spirit may very well send you into the Stone Age.


4. Vodka

One of these could run you anywhere between $3,700- $1 million!  The reason being not only is the vodka filtered through crushed diamonds, but the bottle also has real gemstones- talk about blingy booze!


5. Tequila

This pure platinum bottle filled with 6 year old tequila sold for an astronomical $250,000.


6. Rum

At $25,000 per bottle, we’ll call this drink the rum and broke.


7. Bourbon

Only 273 bottles of this bourbon were ever made, which makes its over $5,000 price tag almost worth it (for those who aren’t worrying about car payments, anyway).


8. Gin

This hand-made bottle is as precious as the libations it holds.


9. Dalmore Whisky

From the adornment to the bottle to the whisky, everything about this bottle is drool-worthy; except the price ($100,000!)


10. Port Wine

This single-harvest port wine is from 1863 and while the price isn’t available online, we can only guess how much mullah it costs to have a tiny, sophisticated sip.

Taylor Port