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Thank you everyone for the love we are receiving from L4P.
You guys are seriously great :)

We just want to throw a few things out there we are doing on
our Facebook Fanpage which all revolve around fan participation.

The first and most popular is the "Guess that Car" Contest which we run daily.
It is pretty self explanatory, and the winner, whoever answers correctly first,
gets the newest Autos, Boats and Homes magazines courtesy of the duPont REGISTRY.
Here is an example:

"Guess that car for 4/12! First person to correctly identify the
make and model of this car will win an awesome prize package!
What kind of car is this?"

We do have a winner for the day, which you can see Here.

Another Daily for fun offering is our "Take Your Pick" Bracket. Each day
we match up two cars and you Take Your Pick. This will update daily for
the next two months, which do you think will win?

Today's matchup: Take your pick: BMW M5 vs. Chevrolet Corvette

And finally are our weekly contests. Two weeks ago we had our
"Best License Plate" contest which was won by Mike Wilson.

Last week was "Exotics Driving" won by Bryan May.

This weeks contest was started today, and is pictures of Classic Cars: Pre-1970.
The winner is whichever picture gets the most "Likes". You can see the Gallery here,
and feel free to add your own entry by adding it to our Facebook wall!

Hope everyone enjoys and feel free to ask any questions that may not have been answered here! :clap:
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