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This daily driver 6 speed (yes!)2011 997 Twin Turbo Cabriolet came into us for a few Shark-related goodies including the SharkWerks Exhaust with TechArt Tips, EVOMSit tuning, and satin charcoal HRE P40S wheels.

On the lift she goes:

Not-only a rare 6-speed but some red stitching as well:

Off with that quiet killyjoy stock exhaust:

The lighter, freer-flowing and better sounding Shark-pipes in place:

A set of TechArt chrome dual tips awaiting installation:

And installed:

Satin charcoal HRE P40S wheels fitted:

You can see the much more aggressive offset with the HREs vs the factory wheels:

And now ready to go home:

And top up:

A video of the exhaust:
Shark Werks 997.2 Twin Turbo Exhaust System - YouTube

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Wow that's got to be a crazy exhaust. I'd expect it to shoot fire out of the tips, rocket boosters or something! That red stitching...damn a small thing goes a long way.
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