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I wanted to create this thread to share all the products that we have developed for the 997 Turbo and get feedback and reviews from customers using or potential customers with questions. Many people are not aware of all we have for the 997 Turbo or its capabilities though our manufacturing company, Agency Power. Our goal has always been to build a different type of product without the Porsche Tax. Please also share with us what products you would like to see made.

We would appreciate any technical ideas, suggestions, or feedback!

Short Shifter: Our short shifter and shift linkage was originally designed using our 996C2. At the time, the only option available was the B&M. We felt the B&M was to notchy and expensive. So we created a short shifter with a more precise engagement that did not have the notchiness because of the journal bearing we used. As well, a weak point in the shift system was the linkage. The linkage connects the shift cable to the bottom of the shift lever. The factory one is plastic with a rubber insert. Ours is CNC machined and features a delrin bushing. This will never break and you will never miss a shift.
Agency Power Billet Short Shifter Porsche Boxster, 996, 997

Boost Hoses: We were the first to introduce these to the 997TT market after our success with the 996TT ones. There are 2 reasons for upgrading the boost hoses. The factory ones are rubber and can corrode and crack depending on your environment. Also under boost, much like a brake line, they expand and can pop off or lose pressure. The silicone ones we make replace the factory ones completely and come with CNC machined fittings for a secure/tight fit to never pop off. What we did for those wanting more flash is offer then in different colors. Not everyone is a sleeper so we have them available in red, blue, yellow, silver, black.
Agency Power Silicone Boost Hose Set Porsche 997 Turbo 07+

Suspension Parts: These are my favorite as we started Agency Power making WRX rear sway bar links in 2004. Suspension has always been important to me as a weekend DE driver. We make 5 different parts currently for the 997TT.

First is our front sway bar links. These are adjustable links which relocate the link mounting point to the pinch bolt of the wheel carrier. Two reasons for this... OEM ones could not reach or give you the full functionality for adjustable sway bars or corner balancing. Many aftermarket coilovers supplied ones would break or bend. Some coilovers such as Moton or JRZ require adjustable links. These use a CNC machined center turn buckle with 3pc sphercial rod ends. All our rod ends are from QA1 which are very durable to street use.
Agency Power Front Adj Sway Bar Links Porsche 996 Carrera and Turbo / 997 Turbo

Next up is our rear adjustable control arms, also known as dog bones. We actually built these off of our 996C2 back in 2006 and have used them on every one of our PCars including my current 997TT. At the time, few options for these existed. The rear control arms allowed for more adjustment in camber or toe. For cars really low, more positive camber was needed to reduce tire wear on the street. Also, anytime you can replace a rubber bushing with a solid type mount, the car gives you more feedback for steering response. The CNC machined centers are done with reverse threads on either side for on the fly adjusting for those with proper alignment tools. We use QA1 rod ends again on these with our own machined steel inserts. In the past 4 years, we have probably sold around 300 pairs of these worldwide.
Agency Power Rear Adjustable Control Arms Porsche 996 997 99+

Another suspension part that is really not understood is the adjustable toe arms. Having made these for other drift cars, we took a stab at the Porsche ones to complete our suspension line up. The rear toe arm replaces the fixed one with only accentric adjustments. This allows for more positive or negative toe adjustment to fully dial in the suspension. The bolt to the wheel carrier has been machined and so is the anodized blue CNC turn buckle. It features a reverse thread turn buckle for double adjustability.
Agency Power Rear Adjustable Toe Link Kit Porsche 996 997 98-08

Lastly in our Suspension line up is our sway bars. Agency Power has a large line up of sways for other vehicles. We have a very strong philosophy on AWD car handling and wanted to produce sway bars to follow this. Manufactured to our diameter requests, the rear bar is one of the stiffest available with over 12 bends. Both front and rear bars are 3 way adjustable. We chose to go with a solid bar over hollow for strength and cost effectiveness. Sway bars should be one of the first mods you do to your suspension and we highly recommend starting with the rear for an AWD car to reduce understeer that is inherit with the 997TT.
Front - Agency Power Front Adjustable Sway Bar Porsche 997 Turbo 07+
Rear - Agency Power Rear Adjustable Sway Bar 997 Turbo 07+

We always recommend KW V3 Coilovers :)

I am particularly proud of this next part. Our larger TB/Plenum kit was built to give dyno proven power to a stock car or highly modified one. Because of the design of the intake system after the the TB, what really mattered was how much air you could get into the TB plenum. If the TB was to large, the car would lose low end torque and gain only top end power. Sometimes a custom tune would be required as well. If only the plenum was changed, no difference would occur since the same amount of airflow was entering the TB. What we did was build a new T Plenum that utilized the Cayenne TT throttlebody that provided a gain of performance where drivers wanted it. Going back to old school tuning and proven ways to make power was the reason for this kit. Another part we again made cost effective in comparison to the competition.
Agency Power Race Plenum and Throttle Body Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09

Here is a simple upgrade that many don't understand and should do. Steel braided brakelines can greatly improve your braking performance. A rubber brakeline no matter what car or caliper will expand under pressure. The lines flex out when the brake pedal is applied causing the pedal to feel soft. A steel braided brakeline will not flex giving you a firmer pedal feel. In combination with synthetic brake fluid, you will feel more confident in your braking needs with all the power that the 997TT has to offer. Our lines feature CNC machined fittings, outer gel coating, and are DOT approved by our brakeline manufacture. The cheapest and best mod you will do!
Front - Agency Power Front Brake Lines Porsche 986 987 996 997 99+
Rear - Agency Power Rear Brake Lines Porsche 996 997 99+


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The Porsche community insists that the stock air intake box is the best. Aftermarket intakes don't add power... If that was true, companies like K&N, AEM, Injen, and others would not be in business. But to support the stock airbox wants, we have built a TRUE cold air intake that works like the factory but brings in more air flow with cone style filters. Our intake is not just a new carbon box or a couple of tubes and filters to suck in hot air, it is a complete intake. It has been designed to completely seal off the engine air and utilize the factory decklid air scoops to bring in fresh cool air. The carbon top shaped like the OEM, mates with an aluminum tray that incase dual K&N cone filters. We have sold about 100 of these worldwide and no MAF issue at all. This is a great bolt on modification that does not require any special tuning. Like most intakes, it will improve throttle response and low end torque gains giving your 997TT a more sporty sound through the RPMs.
Agency Power Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Porsche 997 Turbo 07+

We have 4 different exhaust components available for the 997TT. We have over 30 different exhausts available through our Agency Power brand. Everything from BMW M3, Ferrari 360, Subaru STI, and even a Smart Car. All of our exhaust systems are all stainless steel and robotic tig welded. We build all the exhaust prototypes here inhouse. After we test them, tune them for the sound we want, we send them out for production. These are not "off the shelf" exhaust parts.

Our full exhaust system features 200 cell catalytic converters with 70mm piping in a U shape muffler design. We started R&D and testing on our 997TT exhaust in late 2007 and finally released it in 2009. What is popular with our Porsche exhausts like the success of our 996TT exhausts is the sound. Many customers do not want that droning, burbling, loud exhaust on their street car. As well, they dont want to pay alot of something based on brand. Our exhaust fits a certain customer and wants on the car, they could not be happier. Quiet as can be on cruising, the exhausts light up like an exotic when in the higher revs. Our exhausts utilize the stock tips or we do carry some "off the shelf" dual tips in matte black or chrome.
Agency Power Sport Exhaust System Porsche 997 Turbo
Agency Power Exhaust Tips Porsche 997 Turbo

We do carry headers for the 997TT but usually say this, of the minimal power they gain you are better to spend your $$$ elsewhere unless this is something you truly want to add. Sound change is not that apparent either.
Agency Power Headers Porsche 997TT 06+

This exhaust product I thoroughly enjoyed making and testing out. They were so fun I dubbed them the BAZOOKA Shooters. Full bolt on straight pipes with true straight cut quad tips. No mufflers, not cats, no resonators. Just a happy happy breathing turbo. These are definitely intended for racing use only. But as you can hear from the sound clip, the car sounds insane. Saves a TON of weight off the rear end and the power increase is well worth it.
Agency Power Race Cat/Muffler Delete Pipes with Quad Tips Porsche 997TT 07-09
YouTube - Porsche 997 Turbo Straight Pipes Revving

For those that think we just make a part and run or copy others, we are always working on new ideas. Just check out our Valvetronic Exhaust. From Street to Defeat! Special built to order only.
YouTube - Porsche 997 Turbo with Valvetronic Street to Defeat Exhaust

Our Agency Power intercoolers were released because of the lack of options available at the time. Many customers did not want a custom intercooler or to have to purchase additional hoses only increasing the cost. These intercoolers would work with factory boost hoses and only require minimal changes to the intercooler ducting and bracketry. Proven on our 825HP 997TT, these intercoolers have been popular as an add on efficiency improver. They are 40% larger then stock and leak tested to 30psi.
Agency Power High Flow Racing Intercoolers Porsche 997TT 07-09

Another simple boost helper is our Boost Recirculation Valves aka BRV's. These replace the factory ones on the VTG turbochargers. Much like a blow off valve or diverter valve, they help hold the boost pressure until the turbo need to release it back. Like other OEM valves, the factory one features a rubber diaphram and spring that can flutter or lose boost pressure on tuned cars. These CNC machined valves feature a stiffer spring and a piston with delrin O-Rings to improve boost response and keep pressure constant to redline.
Agency Power Boost Recirculation Valves Porsche 997 Turbo

I encourage anyone that does high speed mountain driving or weekend DE events to get a roll bar. Safety is something that gets overlooked all the time. Just because it is a DE event, does not mean something cannot happen to you. We built our roll bars to target the weekend racer customer. With the extinction of the Tequipment unit, the high cost of other kits, and some kits requiring drilling and cutting, street cars needed a solution. So we have released our full bolt-in roll bar that fits all 997 coupes. For those that actually use their car and need access to the back seats, this is one unit you will want to look at. The bar features a removable harness and diagonal bar. Our Agency Power roll bar bolts directly into the seat belt mounting points. This allows for an easy install and can be removed anytime. The bars are all 1818 Steel that is heat treated and then powder coated 1 of several colors to match your interior style.
Agency Power Race Roll Bar w/Harness and Diagonal Bar Porsche 996 997 Carrera GT

To be able to build a COMPLETE Agency Power vehicle, you have to have the looks inconjunction with power and handling. This is why we have produced a line of carbon fiber exterior parts to improve aerodynamics and styling. All high gloss 2x2 weave, these parts work with the OEM components or hardware for a direct add on.

Front Lip Spoiler - Agency Power Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler Porsche 997 Turbo 07-10

Front Hood Grill - Agency Power Carbon Fiber Hood Grill Duct Porsche 997 Carrera | Turbo 05+

Rear Add On GT2 Wing - Agency Power Carbon Fiber GT2 Style Add-on Rear Wing Porsche 997 Turbo 07+

Carbon Fiber Mirrors - Agency Power VR Spec Carbon Fiber Mirror Housings Porsche 987, 997 All Models 05

I drive around with this kit daily and it took almost 8 months to perfect and build. If you have not read the full thread, go here. This was a huge achievement for us and this power kit in addition to the Softronic ECU Tuned piloted our 997TT to 206.2mph at the Texas Mile. I would say that this proved our capabilities and seriousness with the Porsche market. Our full turbo kit is much different then others modified stock turbos. We take the stock engine to its safe and reliable limit by improving everything that was OEM.
Vivid Racing VR825 Horsepower Kit Porsche 997 Turbo 07-09

YouTube - 206mph Pass at Texas Mile in a Porsche 997TT
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