997 turbo on fire

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I was at a trackday yesterday, and was driving behind a 997.1 turbo, when it suddenly burst into flames. I sadly did not have my gopro with me yesterday.

i feel so bad for the owner, who had a 4 hour drive down to the track from swizerland.

the fire could not be put out, so they had to leave it on the track 'till the car had stoped burning.
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Aww man :( I'm glad he is ok (i assume)... sucks the fire couldn't be put out to save his car and the environment as well. Sad day for him :/
oh yes of course, nothing happened to the driver, he is absolutely ok !!
wow, cant even imagine that happening!

What was the cause?
That sucks, gotta feel bad for the driver, such a beauty of a car too!
wow, cant even imagine that happening!

What was the cause?
no idea really, im gessing either an electrical short or something like that, but the fire came straight from the engine, so i would much rather say the trhottle body or maybe bits of the turbo got sucked into the engine or so.

but yeah it was a really rough day yesterday. that Guy in the turbo wasnt the only one who had a bad day.

a 993 rs burst a tire at about 130mph and two cars ( i dont recall what cars ) went into the tire wall after having a colision.
^ doubtful. Regular insurance doesn't cover accidents on a track.
Is that covered under insurance?
I have the same question, unless you have certain insurance nothing on the track is covered. However, if that car happens to be stock and it was caused by something like an electrical short, would Porsche honor the warranty? It isn't normal for a car to burst into flames whether it's being driven hard or not. I'd be interested in seeing a tear down, because even if the turbo imploded and sent debris into the engine, it shouldn't have caught on fire.
The TT is sad but tears are falling on my keyboard for the 993 RS... At least it went out doing what it was made to do, only silver lining I could find about that one.
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