The 992-generation Porsche 911 hasn’t even hit showrooms yet, but news about the upcoming GT3 version is already starting to get out. And according to a new interview, the GT3 is going to get a bigger engine for the RS, but no turbos.
911 product boss August Achleitner told Australian publication Wheels Magazine about the news at the launch. The upcoming 911 GT3 will get an evolved version of the 4.0L flat six in the current car. With a slight power increase. Make that a very slight increase. Around 516 hp is said to be on tap. Up from about 513 in the current car.

The RS version “could get a small increase” in displacement, Achleitner said. Though he added that it would likely to be so small that it would still be sold as a 4.0L. He also confirmed that the engine will be developed very closely with the race cars, which could mean the 542 hp engine just revealed for the GT3 R racer .

It won’t get the new 911 ’s eight-speed auto, either. Wheels said it will keep the seven-speed PDK and offer up a manual transmission option as well.

Expect more carbon fibre, and high-tech lightness like a magnesium roof, though curb weight overall is not likely to drop much if at all. Aero will be the big focus with improved cornering speeds to follow.

Achleitner also said that the in-car tech could see some cool new track features. “Now we have the possibility with the software… especially in the dashboard,” he said. “One can imagine we could start something special for race tracks … like you already can see on motorbikes.”

[source:  Wheels ]