If you have an eye for captivating designs but aren’t aware about some of the higher-end designers, we’re here to open your eyes…and maybe your wallet too!

1. McTeigue & McClelland

Inspired by the Art Nouveau period, this designer’s heirloom jewellery is absolutely captivating.

McTeigue & McClelland

2. Spinelli Kilcollin

This designer’s signature linked bangles are both modern and versatile and look great with any outfit.

Spinelli Kilcollin

3. Nak Armstrong

These edgy, geometric earrings are Art Deco-inspired works of art designed by Texas-based designer Nak Armonstrong.

Nam Armstrong


Made using luxurious materials, this Paris-based designer’s Bohemian-inspired work feels like something out a luxury travel magazine.


5. Vram

This Los Angeles-based designer’s creations are both sophisticated and geometrical in design, making them the perfect accessory to go with


6. Munnu

Modern in design, this gorgeous jewellery is made by a 9th-genetarion jeweller hailing from Jaipur, India. The designs are a nod to Indian tradition while still being relevant in today’s fashion - hence the purposely mismatched earrings.

Munnu The Gem Palace

7. Malcolm Betts

This designer uses rose-cut and/or old-cut diamonds to make beautiful jewellery. His raw, one-of-a-kind masterpieces make him one of the most unique designers around.

Malcolm Betts

8. Mahnaz

Old-meets-new with Mahnaz Ispahani’s collection of jewellery. Her creations use vintage materials to make modern masterpieces, such as this 18-karat yellow-gold bracelet.


[ Source: Robb Report ]