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So after I accidentally mixed up D2Forged with D-Forged (I am not a fan of D-Forged quality and obviously easy to confuse) I was asked by Derrick Williams, President of D2Forged, to check out the product and give my honest opinions or as I will call them the UPS and DOWNS. Well I have been buying and selling custom wheels in one way or another for about 14 years and I feel that I have pretty good idea of what is good and bad so I took the offer. Derrick promised me a wheel right away and it arrived today via UPS.

(All Photos taken with Leica D-LUX 3)

Now this wheel is sent to me as a display unit and I am not sure how far into production they are so I will start with:


The packaging was a bit loose and I would be afraid that after UPS gets their hands on it there could be some damage resulting in lost time and possible revenue, these are already on the three-piece waiting list average of 3-4 weeks. So I would hope that as they grow and prosper these details would be looked at first and a good solid packaging with brand recognition be put in place.

Upon initial inspection I found quite a few shavings from the milling process that were still on the back of the wheel and static clinged to the barrel. A great pre-ship inspection is needed to insure end user satisfaction.

I also noticed that there were a lot of tool marks on the assembly hardware which discerning clientele may find off putting.

On the face of the wheel there is a small amount of pitting that could either be in the aluminum or in the clear final coat, but this was right on the face.

These are all extremely easy to fix and minor to some but I feel they are worth noting. With that said let's get on to the UP's......


The initial stand back impression of this wheel is that it is fantastic. Nice clean style though seen in many other manufactures lines is still an easy sell and timeless in my opinion.

The fit and of the components is excellent and milling is far above standards. Notice the polished inner windows, this was all consistent and excellent.

Again, attention to detail in the milling process is nice and while some clients may not like the tag on the wheel spoke I feel that it actually adds a bit to this wheel and is executed very nicely.

The chrome plating on the barrels is flawless and bright and while I may assume that these are outsourced it is still a wise decision in vendor for your final product.

One of my favorite aspects of D2-Autosports line is the Aluminum center cap. Very nice touch and again great attention to detail here.

So my final impression is that this is a company with their eye on the prize. The quality is there and with a few tweaks of the packaging and final quality control I certainly see them being a contender in the crazy market that is the aftermarket wheel industry. Thanks again to Derrick for sending out the product and allowing me to do an Ups and Downs review for the L4P Community.

Here is some information from Derrick Williams with D2Forged, some interesting information on the wheels they produce.

-Hubcentric Build (no hubrings)
-TPMS acceptance
-6061-T6 Forged Aluminum
-Fully Forged Construction (center and barrels) -Weight Starting at 22lbs in 19"
(Exact weight varies based on fitment type) -Built by Materials 100% Made in the USA
-3-4 Week Average Lead Time
-2 Piece Modular Construction available
-Seal of Authenticity on EACH wheel, with serial number.
-Engraved Metal center caps (free with the first 100sets sold, a $250.00 dollar value) -D2FORGED's Exclusive "Bespoke Program" - Configure your own wheel finish combination

An additional benefit of owning D2FORGED wheels, the first 100 sets sold will include a complementary 13month Membership to the Autolife Emergency Services - Roadside Assistance Program. (Specifically targeted towards Sports and Luxury Vehicles).

As far as fitment is concerned, we have over 20 years combined experience and have measurement / fitment data on almost every mass produced vehicle, from Porsche, to Viper to Prowler to Bugatti Veyron (that's not a joke, we really have measured the Veyron). So most any car on L4P we can ensure proper fitment.

In the short time since our public introduction we have wheels fitted and installed on Viper, Lamborghini Gallardo, Corvette Z06-TT, Lexus ISF, Lexus GS, and Porsche 997tt vehicles.

A partial list Vehicles we would like to fit with wheels for promotional

White BMW M6 recently returned from body shop.....:) (wink wink!)

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Tim, first off thank you for such a comprehensive review of our products. We could not be happier to have our product on display at your facility!

To the members of L4P, the importance of giving your business to supporting vendors can not be overlooked. 503-MOTORING has a hard earned and well deserved reputation for stellar service.
Please PM 503TIM with any and all inquiries regarding D2FORGED Wheels.

As far as the "DOWNS" are concerned, we greatly appreciate the constructive feedback. With the amount of experience you have in this industry, this feedback will assist us in further developing our programs. As you referenced this is not a production wheel, but a display sample. It will at no time ever be mounted on a vehicle.

Packaging - We are in the process of getting our sample boxes with company logo, etc from the manufacturer, to approve the design / layout. In the interim, I wanted to get a wheel out to you ASAP and used a generic box. In hindsight perhaps this was something to review with you prior to shipping, point taken!

Shavings - Those shavings are not from the milling, they are actually from the nut that is torqued down to hold the rivet. We use a serrated nut which has very small, fine 'teeth' (for lack of better terminology). This serrated nut is tightened down on the rear side of the flange, and ensures the nut will never spin off or loosen during normal usage. That being said our final QC for retail sale products includes a comprehensive cleaning and 'blowout' with compressed air, I'm sure this would be addressed during that step in the process.

Tool Marks / Pitting - These are the small detail things that will be addressed with our production / assembly staff to ensure we attain the highest possible level of customer service.

"UPs" - Thank you so much, we are striving to produce and distribute a distinctive product with significant and useful features / benefits in the marketplace. Its encouraging to know we are "on the right track"! :clap: :clap::D:D

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great review of some nice looking wheels.... Derrick and Stefan are standup guys and i would not expect anything less then superiority from their wheels....
Thanks Slavik for your kind words

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What a great review and what a great wheel.

The design is simple and classic but with some nice touches, as Tim said.
I love how you guys worked with chrome and how you polished different parts of the wheel. That way you don't even need colors on a wheel to make it stand out.

Keep up the good work, and keep posting such great reviews.
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