5 series GT

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Has the USA got the 5GT yet?
I saw one at a dealer in the UK a couple of months back and was surprised by it,didn't know what it was to start with! looked a bit weird but after a while it grew on me. it's like a puffed up 5 crossed with a mini X6.
What's your thoughts???

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it's been out here for a while the salesman told me but i just never see them on the road.
all of the pics i've seen of them make it look pugly but in the flesh it looks different!
The interior is nice which is the bit i was interested in lol
wheels and a drop you say ;)

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It was a black one i was looking at in the dealership and yeah it's one of those cars that only looks good in certain colours..
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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