5 series GT

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Has the USA got the 5GT yet?
I saw one at a dealer in the UK a couple of months back and was surprised by it,didn't know what it was to start with! looked a bit weird but after a while it grew on me. it's like a puffed up 5 crossed with a mini X6.
What's your thoughts???

BMW 5 Series GT 5GT 30d SE Auto full road test car review - BBC Top Gear - BBC Top Gear
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Been here for 5 months or so. I like it alot. From ^^^^ that angle looks like crap though.
So its aaaaaaall my pictures fault, I see how it is.... :lol:

I've only seen it in this color, and it didn't seem to "fit" the car...I'm sure it would look pretty sweet with wheels and a drop tho...
^Not bad!

Pretty much. Stick to your day job ;)
Scratching "roving-iphone-auto-photo-taker-after-lunch" off the list :lol:
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