Ever since you were little, you wanted a Lamborghini, right? You put Lambo posters up on your bedroom walls, built them as toy models and hoped that one day you'd be able to buy a real one for yourself. But you might seriously want to consider the real downsides to owning a Lamborghini since there are several.

Here are 5 reasons why owning a Lamborghini is just the worst:
1. You're never able to help your friends move. EVER.

Seriously, don't you wish you just bought that pickup truck so every time your friends move, you're the guy that gets the call? Can't fit a bed in the back of this Veneno... And that's no good, right? [ VIDEO ]


2. They're completely impractical in winter.

Like really, the driver of this drifting Huracan is having a horrible time. For real. [ VIDEO ]


3. You won't ever be able to drive your friends home from the club...

Because chances are, that passenger seat is going to be occupied—ALL the time. [ VIDEO ]


4. They've got way too much power.

And there's no way it's going to be fun to drive. Like really, could you even image how awful this Lamborghini Avantador Lp-700 -4 Twin Turbo would be to drive. We can't... [ VIDEO ]


5. You get way too much attention from everyone—ALL THE TIME....

Or just crowds in general. And whatever you do, don't go to Monaco... [ VIDEO ]