Mother Nature is sometimes more luxurious than Prada. These five-star hotels have it all — fancy suites, seasoned chefs and designer décor, but none of that matters when you’re surrounded by natural beauty. With views like this, you’ll forget about your fancy meal and deep tissue massage. Instead, you’ll spend your whole stay staring out the window, jaw dropped and mind boggled. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous views:

1. Jade Mountain | St. Lucia

Sun Infinity Pool Suite: $2,150 USD/night
Here, you can stay in one of 29 open-air guest rooms, where you can enjoy a beautiful ocean view from your private hot tub.


2. Belmond Sanctuary Lodge | Machu Picchu

Celebration Package: $1,200 USD/night
When it comes to luxury accommodation, this is the closet you can get to Machu Picchu. With views of the beautiful hilltops and colourful gardens, this is the best place for a relaxing massage.


3. Singita Sasakwa Lodge | Tanzania

Cottage: $1,500 USD/night
Located in Sasakwa Hill, this hotel overlooks the Great Serengeti Plains. You can enjoy the view from your personal infinity plunge pool or explore it via horseback.


4. Explora Patagonia | Chile

Suite Explorers King: $2,300 USD/night
This beautiful resort sits in the middle of Torres del Paine National Park. You can enjoy beautiful views of white mountains and turquoise lakes from your window, or you can go on a hike with a local guide to check out some of these views of Patagonia at the end of the world. 


5. Grace Santorini | Greece

Deluxe with Plunge Pool: $1,200 USD/night
What was once a 17th-century monastery is now a luxury hotel that offers gorgeous ocean views. Perched on a cliff north of a quiet fishing village, every room comes with a view — even the elevator is made of glass.