The Genesis G80 incorporates the industry’s latest safety features.

The Genesis G80’s exclusive shopping and servicing experience is one facet of its unique value proposition in today’s luxury segment.

Shoppers are gravitating toward the new Genesis G80 for many other reasons too—including its impressive suite of standard safety features.

Where numerous competitors bundle top-line safety equipment into pricey packages, the Genesis G80 comes standard with a suite of the very best safety systems the brand has on offer. The suite of networked safety technologies is called Genesis Smart Sense, and it’s been exhaustively developed to improve confidence, awareness, and peace of mind on any drive.

Additionally, the features that comprise the Smart Sense system have helped the Genesis G80 earn the highest safety scores in the industry from two independent safety authorities. Here’s a closer look.

Lane Keep Assist

Using a camera, G80’s position relative to visible lane markings is being scrutinized constantly—meaning that Lane Keep Assist can detect un-signaled departures from the lane of travel, and even apply slight steering, to help keep the vehicle centered in its lane, or to correct its position. This improves safety and reduces the need for driver inputs. Should the driver experience a lapse in attention, Lane Keep Assist can act as an electronic guardian angel, ensuring that the G80 stays within its lane.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start

Dial in your desired cruise control set speed and following distance, and signals from G80’s forward-facing radar maintain your speed and position in traffic, with no need to touch the pedals. With this system in action, the G80 slows and speeds up in response to changing traffic. It can even come to a complete stop, and restart itself, in stop-and-go situations—all while maintaining a safe distance between drivers and their fellow motorists.

Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-traffic Alert

The Genesis G80 has its driver’s back, front, and sides, too. Using radars mounted in the rear corners of the vehicle, Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-traffic Alert provides a visible warning if another vehicle is hiding in the G80’s blind spot, via an illuminated icon on the rearview mirror. Able to detect cars, trucks, motorcycles and more, this clever technology makes it crystal clear whether it’s safe, or not, to change lanes.

When the vehicle is placed in reverse, the same sensors extend their detection sweep down into the laneway that drivers are backing into. Here, the sensors are scanning the area behind and perpendicular to the vehicle, and can alert drivers of another motorist approaching in the laneway as they back up. Especially useful when backing out from behind a tall snow bank or between two large trucks, this system adds tremendous peace of mind in low-visibility reversing.

Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection 

This life-saving system interprets data from the G80’s existing camera and radar systems with an eye for stopping the vehicle automatically when faced with certain hazards. The Genesis G80 can apply its own brakes and come to a complete stop with no driver input required, to prevent an impact with a slower or stopped vehicle up the road, or with a pedestrian crossing carelessly ahead. In situations where drivers may be overwhelmed by their surroundings, Genesis G80’s Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection keeps an extra set of eyes (and radar) trained on the road ahead, for added protection.

High Beam Assist 

Designed to ensure drivers have optimal output from the headlight system at all times, High Beam Assist uses the G80’s forward-facing cameras to detect vehicles up the road. When the way is clear, high beams are activated automatically. When an oncoming car is detected, or when the G80 is closing in on other nighttime traffic, the low beams are activated instead. The system is fully automatic and facilitates a higher degree of focus on the road, and less mental workload for the driver, during a nighttime drive.

Rear-view Camera System with Parking Guidelines

Capitalizing on the latest in camera and image processing technology, the Genesis G80 utilizes a rear-view camera with Parking Guidelines to provide high-resolution coverage of its surroundings while drivers reverse in tight quarters. With the ability to see what’s behind you in vivid detail, the Rear-view Camera System makes the G80, and its surroundings, safer.

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