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The most expensive flat in history? British brothers sell Monaco penthouse for cool £200m

The most expensive three bedroom flat in history has been sold for almost £200m - despite a dark history involving a murder in its main reception room.
Reclusive British property developers Christian and Nick Candy are thought to have made a profit of at least £190m from La Belle Epoque penthouse in Monaco, on the French Riviera.
They bought the 17,500 sq ft flat from Englishwoman Lily Safra in the early 2000s, soon after her banker husband Edmond infamously died in a mysterious fire inside the property.

t has now been snapped up on a 97 year lease at an asking price of €240 million (£199m) by an unnamed Middle Eastern investor, thought to be an Arab sheik.
Early theories back in 1999 were that Mr Safra had been killed by Russians in retaliation for supporting an FBI clampdown on money laundering in the Mediterranean principality.
But then Ted Maher, a former American Green Beret medical auxiliary who was caring for the ageing Mr Safra, suddenly confessed to starting the fire, which also killed another nurse.
Despite a double murder charge, Maher spent just five years in prison – increasing speculation that he was a ‘patsy’ set up to take responsibility for the crime by powerful interests who were really responsible.
Whatever the truth, it enabled Christian Candy, 36, and his brother Nick, 37, to make a fortune out of the then blighted flat.
Mrs Safra, who inherited her husband’s £3bn fortune thanks to him cutting his two brothers out of his will two months before his death, was happy to offload it for less than £10m.
In an interview last year Christian Candy admitted he had spent some £26m doing the flat up, turning it into one of the most desirable properties in the world.

With unspoiled views across Monte Carlo’s marina and the sea beyond, the two floor penthouse includes a double height library and vast roof terraces complete with mature 15 foot trees and infinity pool.
Top floor flat, La Belle Epoque, Monaco
Price: £199m +
Terms: Leasehold 97 years
Condition: recently refurbished to billionaire standards
Description: Two-floor penthouse in six-storey building overlooking Monte Carlo marina. Well placed for local restaurants and world famous casino. With lift
Bedrooms: Three, all ensuite with walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms
Features: Double-height library and office, aquarium, revolving wardrobes, sliding paintings and TV screens
Outside space: Circular roof terrace complete with mature plants and trees
Leisure facilities: Spa, gym, cinema, media room, pools
Security: To oligarch standard
Underground car parking available
There is a leisure room complete with billiard tables and arcade video games, Jacuzzi and spa, and even a media room which includes executive chairs which convert into beds in case of over-work.
Other James Bond touches include old master paintings and cinema screens which emerge from walls at the touch of a button, and numerous walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms.
Security is also state-of-the art, with a panic room, reinforced glass, and surveillance cameras everywhere.
The Candys, who were brought up in Surrey and started their career borrowing £6000 to do up their grandmother’s house in Earl’s Court, are believed to now be living between another of their Monaco flats and Candyscape II, their multi-million pound yacht.
The area where they live is one of the most expensive in France. In 2008, Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov was poised to spend more than £450m buying the nearby Villa Leopolda.
Mrs Safra was again the seller, but the deal fell through.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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^I agree, but like everything super-luxury, there is diminishing returns at the top. One person REALLY wanted this place badly enough to drop that kinda money for it, doubt there is any other buyer in the world who would go that high.

The interior decor isn't my style, but it's all done to a super duper high standard. Great place to kill a few weeks :)

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Interesting that it's a leasehold. Quite a history. Does the Grimaldi family own most of the real estate in Monaco?

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That place is absolutely unreal. The money that goes through Monaco is unreal, and the security absolutely everywhere on that rock is INSANE.

My cousin's boss has a small flat over there. I'd love to have to choose between this place and

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