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We always wonder why mechanical watches are expensive and, in some cases, you see them skyrocketing in price, you find them between the gifts of monarchies and sometimes as a part of the history of great people.
Even when they don’t give you accurate timing these little timepieces often fascinate people to buy them, here I will explain the main three reasons why people buy them.


The craftsmanship of mechanical watches still attracts interest from part of the watch-buying public, especially among the watch collectors. Skeleton watches are designed to leave the mechanism visible for aesthetic purposes. Compared to electronic movements, mechanical watches are less accurate, often with errors of seconds per day, and they are sensitive to position, temperature and magnetism. They are also costly to produce, require regular maintenance and adjustments, and are more prone to failures.
If you’re a person who is interested in engineering, you’ll almost naturally become fascinated by mechanical watches, because mechanical watches are, in a way the epitome of fine engineering. An advanced mechanical movement is made up of hundreds of parts that have been meticulously assembled so that they can power the various functions of a watch. There’s nothing else to say than that watchmaking is an incredibly impressive art, and wearing a mechanical watch, therefore, means that you’re wearing a piece of advanced engineering on your wrist.


Mechanical watches tend to hold significantly longer than a quartz watch and as they need a continuous human input to keep it functioning with time you will be building a connection between you and the watch whether it was winding or moving your wrist with an automatic its relying on you to stay alive, when you stop it stops. In a quartz watch you just set the time once and it will stay ticking until the battery is flat or dead, most people who buy cheap quartz watches tend to throw the watch when the battery dies – or when the watch dies. This normally happens within a few years. Quartz watches aren’t something that you can pass on from generation to generation. But mechanical watches tend to continue ticking year after year.

This is yet another reason why mechanical watches are loved among watch enthusiasts, when buying a mechanical watch that is based on the engineering created hundreds of years ago with hundreds of man hours it feels like you have bought a piece of history, quartz watches require much less complexity and have no soul and shallow in an age where all devices work on electricity, they feel just like any other metal device that came out from a normal fast production line.
What many people love about mechanical watches is that because they are able to become so old and still continue to tick, they create their own heritage and history, which makes them more appealing. All objects that have a personal affection value tend to be far more appreciated than those that don’t, and mechanical watches have all the preconditions for becoming just that. In fact, Patek Philippe has the slogan” you never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation”.

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