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why do their lights do that?
Are you asking about the taillights and their flashing? This happens with alot of different cars in alot of different videos.

The reason why is because they are LED's. LED lights are actually constantly turning on and off at a rate at which the human eye cant see/detect (in person that is). When filmed, the video camera, which a standard one shoots at about 30 frames per second, picks it up and takes frames at various points in which sometimes it catches them off. When all the frames are rolled together in a film/video, some frames captured the LED's in the lights on, and other frames caught them when the LED's were off- hence, you get the flashing effect.

So all this is only noticeable in videos. If you were there in person, the lights would be completely normal looking, and in fact dont flash at all. (as far as you would be able to see. Like I said, they ARE flashing, but its so quick that in person your eyes cant pick it up)
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