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Wheel Brand: Savini Forged DiForza SM3 Monoblock

Size: 22x9 front and 22x10.5 rear

Bolt Pattern: 5 x 130

Offset: 51mm front and 44mm rear

Finish: Polished Face/Black Windows

Fitment: (2010-2012) Porsche Panamera, Panamera S, Panamera 4S, Panamera Turbo

Quantity: 4

Front: 265/30/ZR22 Pirelli Pzero Nero
Rear: 295/25/ZR22 Pirelli Pzero Neo /30/ZR

Tire Specifications:
Treadwear: 220
Traction: AA AA
Temperature: A

Condition of Tires:
Front tires are Brand New
Rear tires have approximately 99% tread remaining, customer used the tires for 1 day approximately 10miles (Please see pictures above)

Condition of Wheels: Like New (Please see pictures above)

Wheels were used for 1 day

All four wheels and tires have been spun and tested on our Hunter DSP9600 computer balancing machine. All four wheels spin straight and true.

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