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The M3 Plus
by Colum Wood

When BMW said the new M3 coupe would be called the M4 it didn’t just seem idiotic, but sacrilegious. Now it all makes sense.

In almost every way the new M4 really is an M3. . . and then some. That’s mostly a good thing, but not entirely.
Mean Metal Wrapped in Gold

So much more imposing than M3s of decades past, it’s not just the car’s lines but also its size that make it so dramatic.

Compare it to the previous generation car and it’s three-inches longer, two-inches wider and about an inch taller. In fact, it’s only a half-foot shorter than a Honda Accord. There’s nothing compact about this car.

The Austin Yellow Metallic paint, named after the Circuit of the Americas F1 track in Austin, Texas, doesn’t hurt either. After all, everything is bigger in Texas.

Sure the paint looks a bit snot-colored when it’s overcast, but in direct sunlight the M4 shines like a solid block of gold!
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