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Subaru Imprezas are most famous for their incredible ability in the snow and absurd reliability. Regardless of the day, temperature or weather, Imprezas are well known for their ability to maintain control and stability no matter what. For a week, duPont REGISTRY had the chance to see how this hatchback could handle itself in the tropical weather of Florida, and this midsize, $24,990 hatchback certainly impressed us.
The outside of the Impreza was a classic design that Subaru has held on to for years. With a smooth layout and solid structure, the Impreza boasts an elegant style for everyday use. The hatchback came with roof rails for a number of uses, as well as fog lights and 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, making for a practical and functional look.
The interior complements the exterior very well. Everything inside is functional and comfortable. The inside boasted leather trimmed seats and steering wheel and the latest in technology, such as Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB-port, power options, a rear-view camera and an all-weather package. While the interior was extraordinarily comfortable, the ride was even more impressive.

The symmetrical all-wheel drive system offered by Subaru is among the best, offering drivers a smooth ride around every corner and assisting in smoothing any bump in the road. Body roll and rough terrain is eliminated with the vehicle’s dynamic control system, giving you and your family an easy ride no matter where you go.
The Impreza Sport is powered by a 2.0-Liter intelligent horizontally-opposed (boxer) DOHC engine producing 148 hp through a 6-speed continuously variable transmission. The hatchback performs quite well, sprinting from 0-60 mph in 9.8 seconds while offering incredible reliability.
The Impreza offers great comfort and is an incredibly safe car that you can rely on. We recommend this car to anyone looking for a first car for their teen or to somebody that just needs a daily driver for the cold Northern winters. Get to your local Subaru dealership today and take one for a test drive to see why we were so impressed.

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