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As many of our readers know, the Subaru BRZ is one of the younger, more iconic sports cars of our era. Subaru and Scion came together to build a track car for the street and needless to say, they succeeded. After much anticipation, I finally had the chance to sit in one. With Bucky Worboys behind the wheel, we went for a roll.
I’d read about the 2013 BRZ before, seen how it outperformed high-end cars while taking corners on tracks. While we didn’t have any tracks to play on, we did have an unnamed set of roads that provided every bit of testing we needed for the newer 2014 BRZ.
Cruising to our “testing grounds,” I had the chance to admire the interior. It was incredibly similar to the Scion FRS, which is not a surprise. The Audio system sounded great and its touch screen controls were easy to use. The bucket seats were comfortable, holding us tight around turns, and all of the door and console controls were easily within reach.

We approached the “S” curves and I realized Worboys had no intention of slowing down. With a press of the gas, we launched through the turns. The BRZ held the corners with little effort and almost no body roll; it was easy to see why Worboys had so much confidence approaching the turns with a little speed. We came to a 90° right turn and I prepared myself to lean against the door to avoid rolling into Bucky. But the BRZ gripped the turn like it was on rails, again, with no effort.
Control like this could only be compared to a car costing 10 times as much. But then we came to the straightaway, stopped and launched. While it wasn’t a launch comparable to a supercar, it had a real kick for a 2.0-Liter four-cylinder boxer engine. Hitting 60 mph took about as much time as it would in the Nissan 370Z Roadster, which boasts a much larger V6 engine, showing exactly what a great power to weight ratio can do. Returning the Subaru/ Scion hybrid back to zero was just as smooth; the sport oriented four wheel disc brakes performed excellently.
The exterior boasted all of the great things we expect from the BRZ. It has a sporty design that was more than visually appealing. The profile flowed and looked fantastic with the 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels, and the scoops gave it a powerful, competitive image.
The BRZ is a fantastic sports car. It offers great gas mileage, a comfortable interior and all the fun you can ask for. What’s better is that, aside from minor touches to its architecture and interior, the BRZ is identical to its Scion FRS brother, which is nearly $10,000 more when comparing the cars fully loaded. If you’re looking for a fun but safe car for your child’s first vehicle, or just a daily driver to play with and keep gas costs down, this is the car for you.

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