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Earlier this month we received a Hyundai Equus, and thought that we may never again get a Hyundai that we liked nearly as much. But then we were presented with the Sonata Hybrid Limited. The Sonata Hybrid arrived and quickly turned heads in the parking lot, a pure example of ludicrous comfort crossed with reliability and efficiency. Needless to say it would be a good, easy-going week for us.
Our Sonata was delivered in Porcelain White Pearl with a Beige leather interior. The seats were tremendously comfortable, and both the front and rear seats were optionally equipped with heat. Despite being in a warmer climate, the heated seats were surprisingly luxurious with a therapeutic feel. The cabin was very well equipped with just about all you could want. The Infinity stereo was amazing with a subwoofer and amp that were very stout.
The Bluetooth synched perfectly every time, making phone calls and streaming music a breeze. The only criticism I have is that the info for the songs did not show up on the screen. Navigation with touch screen made for easy directions and dual-zone climate control with rear vents made for incredible comfort. There is plenty of room in the cabin, both in the front and rear, so having the kids’ feet pressing against the back of your seat is unlikely.

Outside we were treated to 17’ Eco-Spoke alloy wheels that looked great, LED lights and a proximity key fob made for easy entry when the keys are in your pocket or purse.
This car will take you nearly 500 miles on a full tank of gas, including city driving. We drove the car a lot over the week we had it and still had 175 miles left in gas. Many hold the belief that a Hybrid is slow and sluggish, but the truth is quite the contrary. This car had plenty of power, whether you’re in Eco mode or not. If you’re passing on the highway or pulling into traffic, you will have the necessary power to make it happen efficiently.
This would be a great car if you have a son or daughter going off to college or you are looking for something to help you offset the high gas prices. With a combined fantastic fuel economy as well as incredible comfort, you’ll enjoy owning this vehicle as a daily driver or as a great first car for your college student. Between gas prices and the mind-blowing warranty, you can’t go wrong.

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