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Hyundai has seen some great improvements during the last few years and have reached heights thought unreachable for the Korean auto manufacturer. In 2011, they introduced to us a new addition to their line-up, the Hyundai Equus, and it was claimed to rival both the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Lexus LS.
Today, we find an exquisite sedan that offers more than just a few gizmos and gadgets. It offers comfort, reliability and plenty of horsepower to have a little fun. We were granted the opportunity to have our own Hyundai Equus Signature for a full week here at the duPont REGISTRY headquarters, and it goes without saying that we were impressed.
I will admit that the exterior seemed a bit bland for a car with so much potential. But even so, the black noir pearl paint glimmered nicely in the Florida sunlight. Walking around the vehicle I found many great things. Bi-xenon headlights and alloy wheels made for a great touch and the dual exhaust pitched a delightful note.

The inside of the Equus was a whole new car. The first feature to be noted was the seven inch TFT cluster gauge display, though a larger 12.3 inch display is available on the upper level Equus Ultimate. The buttons were made with finer material to eliminate the plastic look found in earlier years, and the steering wheel and dashboard have been wrapped in leather to enhance detail.
Driving the Equus was another experience. While the sound system and soft leather seats were luxurious, and the ride was smooth and quiet, the V8 had no fear of unleashing its full 429 hp when needed. The eight-speed gearbox transitioned smoothly and was quick to downshift when the throttle was opened. In high gears the ride was quiet, efficient and enjoyable.

Even with the luxury tag, the new and improved Equus offered fantastic handling around corners. The suspension absorbed impurities in the asphalt with little effort and all assist functions on the vehicle collaborated together to create a very prestigious ride.
While I wouldn’t say that Hyundai has truly taken their large sedan to the levels of Mercedes-Benz or Lexus, I would argue that it has worked itself to a level of its own. The luxury vehicle offers almost everything its declared competitors have and all for a lower price. Considering the history of the Hyundai name, I will say I was impressed.

(Media Source: Hyundai)

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