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After BMW shifted their Coupès from the 3-series to the 4-series, we’ve been itching for the opportunity to review one. To separate the Coupè from the sedan, broaden its sport package possibilities and increase its price range, the German manufacturer brought the 4-series Coupès to life.
Delivered to the duPont REGISTRY was a new BMW 428i Coupè with both the M Sport and Dynamic Handling packages. Though not actually an M4, it had “M” brake calipers, 18 inch “M” wheels, a sporty aerodynamic kit and an “M” steering wheel. The lines flowed to create a powerful design, and with the dramatic red paint it was a real head turner.
Inside of the 428i we were greeted by comfortable eight-way power seats and a simple, easy to use interior. The navigation screen was vibrant and worked nicely with the control knob. Climate control and radio controls were well displayed and only consisted of the basic buttons you need.

The ride in the 428i was as intriguing as one could expect in a BMW. The manufacturer’s perfected balance between power and suspension in their rear-wheel drive vehicles is only comparable to that of an all-wheel drive sports car. Every corner we rode around in the 428i felt as though we were on rails.
The 2.0-liter four cylinder engine produces 240 hp to offer absurd performance with the best in efficiency. While the 4-series is considered to be a leisure line for BMW, I recommend keeping an eye on your speedometer while driving. In the blink of an eye you may realize you’ve reached 120 mph.
The 428i is available now, and to buy the exact same Coupè we had at our headquarters will cost you $47,125. The 4-series is for those who need comfort and efficiency while having some fun on your way to work. It’s an excellent daily driver and provides you with everything you could need, and then some. However, while having the M Sport package made the Coupè feel a little more exciting, it only excites us more for a taste of the anticipated M4.

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