2013 560-4 Final Edition, My First Bull

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Picked it up a couple of weeks ago. The color really pops in the sunlight. I really like the visual updates to this final run. I leased it so I can opt for the Gallardo replacement in a couple of years if I choose.

Minor mods:

1. lowered 1.25 inches
2. side skirts added
3. new wheels: 20 X 9 front, 20 X 11 rear
4. black out for the front spoiler, side mirrors, rear spoiler, and bumper
5. smoke out the side markers


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Congrats! It's a great car, you will enjoy it
That's the way to do it ;)
Congrats! I've always liked the G in orange.
Look really damn good! Congrats!
Looks great! Starting to really like the new face.
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The mod's you've done really made this new redesign look awesome!!
Very nice. Love the color
I love the rear color contrast with the "crossbrace" looking things. Very aggressive yet precise. Enjoy it!
Looks phenomenal!
Congrats man! Enjoy!
Congrats! The new updates are slightly noticeable, but they look really good.
very nice
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