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Hello! My Name is Drake, and I have a LEGITIMATE opportunity for your company! (Just keep reading, I swear it isn't boring).

A little bit about us and what we are doing. Last year, we were "Team Sexy", and we brought a Porsche BSX racecar. 3,000 miles with no air conditioning, in the middle of summer, in a convertible race car, sitting in race seats with a navigator/co-driver with no race experience didn't work out too well, but we still got 2nd place for the coveted "Spirit of the BullRun" award.

This year, we are coming prepared.
The car that we are using is the 2009 BMW E92 M3. (Cruise control, A/C, and a 440HP (after tune) V8 should help).

I am planning on having a widebody kit, large rear wing, front spoiler, Competition rims (similar to ADV 7.1 or HRE P40 MONOBLOK), exhaust, etc, etc, etc. To make my car a street legal version of the M3GT2, but in a Stealth Fighter Jet Matte Silver.

I am now a certified Stunt/Precision driver, I currently race in the Porsche Owner's Club, and RedLine Time Attack.
My navigator/co-driver is racing in the Lotus challenge, and is moving into Subaru rally racing.

The BullRun is the "Biggest, Baddest, and Most Glamorous Rally in the World" and the Television show has aired in 96 COUNTRIES!
It is currently on Wednesday Nights on Channel 4 UK, now.

The car would be at :
The 2011 BullRun Rally
(and driven around Los Angeles prior to that)

2011 //MFest in Pasadena, CA

SEMA 2011 and available for your booth if your product is applicable.

I'm not sure what your company can offer us, products wise. But honestly anything will help at this time.

The logos could be either four smaller (2x5ish) on each corner of the car, OR if your product is worthy, one large (7x12ish) on the hood and one mid (3 1/2x8ish) on the rear bumper. We would work it out.

I have created a rough draft of what I want the car to look like (with different rims)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You So Much!
Drake Kemper
[email protected]
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