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This white 2010 997 C4S Targa came into us for a bit more sound from the exhaust with the SharkWerks system fitting the bill. To get a bit more power and improved 91 octane tuning we also installed the EVOMSit software.

In she comes:

The Targa has some nice lines:

A look at the factory center exhaust (non PSE equipped this time):

The stock center section is removed without the need for the bumper to come off:

The SharkWerks Exhaust installed:

The EVOMSit software is tuned for 91 octane and uploaded via the OBDII port:

Ready to go home:

Here's a video showing this exhaust on our 09 S PDK:

And another showing a recent GTS with PSE and this same exhaust:

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Thats such a cool DD car... Id love to drive that everyday, and treat it like my wife treats her car... Just a car.. drive it through the car wash etc etc... so cool
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