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GM is undergoing major changes, one of which seems to be a total transformation in the way of design, both exterior and interior. No matter whether they made quality cars, in the recent past, their design has been, well, lacking.

They have made pretty impressive improvements in this arena by working with other GM brands like Holden and Opel and bringing vehicles like the Sky, Aura, Malibu and others to market. The fit and finish in the new Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade and new Corvette is even a vast improvement. Their more bold interior design statements can be found in the very impressive new Cadillac CTS. Even the Buick Enclave is very nice (though the concept was greatly superior).

That said, they still have to do more to change their brands from tired and boring to bold and exciting.

They are attempting to start this trend with the completely new 2010 GMC Terrain. Devoid of feminine curves and design queues, this is aimed squarely at the highly successful and very square Ford F-Series trucks and SUVs. I haven't seen any interior shots yet, but one place GM has been passing Ford lately is with their interiors.

I, for one, like it. Your thoughts? I would have loved to have seen the new Cadillac SRX take on more of this shape. I expect to see the next gen Escalade, which is slated to be smaller, be more along these lines as well. Let's hope Detroit doesn't forget how to make a full size SUV. They are slipping already (that's why I bought a QX rather than another Escalade).

New York Preview: 2010 GMC Terrain prepares to polarize
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