2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

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Here is the latest Signature Detail from Alex Jarvie who is our Boston Gloss-it distributor. Alex brings another top notch detail on a newly released Ferrari model. I Believe this is the first detail posted on the 458 Italia.


2010 Ferrari 458 Italia: Detailed By Driven Perfection


Hand Wash, Clay Treatment, Alcohol Wipedown Of All Panels

Wheels Cleaned With Gloss It Signature Wheel Gel

Tires Treated With Gloss It Signature Tire Gloss

Gloss It Evolution Polish Applied With Blue Foam Pad On Porter Cable

Gloss Finish was applied for LSP protection.

Final Wipedown With Gloss It Gloss Enhancer

Hand Wax Wheels With Poorboys Wheel Sealant

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Clean All Surfaces & Apply Gloss Enhancer

Clean Air Filter & Intake

Treat Plastic Parts With Conditioner

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Clean All Interior Panels Including Dash, Door Panels & Center Console With Gloss It Satin Leather Cleaner

Treat All Leather Surfaces With Gloss It Satin Leather Polish

Clean Door Jambs & Windows

Polish All Interior Trim With Gloss It Gloss Enhancer

Vacuum & Shampoo Carpet & Mats

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Still the hottest car on the road. I can't wait till I see one on a run!
Nice work!! That car is so sick looking. I really like the exhaust set up.
Great work great car win win
All shined up and ready for the recall. :) Nice work.
Thanks for Posting The Write Up Rich!

This car was truly a joy to detail. The back end really reminds me of a baby Enzo.

The recall will be performed next week and she will be all set to go!
Great work! I have yet to see a 458 in Boston.
Maybe the first on here but I know Jesse from Apollo detailing did the itialia and posted it up a few months back over on another site. (pretty sure he was the first) But regardless sweet ride. Got to work with my first one last week. Definatly love the lines and looks. You made it look like it should there.
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